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DVLF Board Welcomes Katie Heisler

Philadelphia, PA (April 2022) – Katie Heisler joins the board of directors of DVLF (Delaware Valley Legacy Fund)

Katie is a Philadelphia-based Project Management Professional, and leads a portfolio of marketing, PR, and special projects. Over a fifteen-year career she has worked on a variety of projects, campaigns, festivals and early on launched a brand of pretzels from concept to store shelves in sixty days. Her diverse skills have served across industry, non-profit, finance, insurance, and festival events. Katie studied English Literature at La Salle University where she received a BA, with later training from the Institute of Project Management.

An avid traveler and Scuba diver, she’s now tethered closer to home where she has recently taken up drone-flying with her son, Reef, named to honor and celebrate the coral ecosystems surrounding Grand Cayman (and the locale of her penultimate adventure before learning the news of his arrival). Katie leads with creativity, compassion, and a healthy curiosity.

We look forward to partnering with her and welcome her skill for strategic planning and understanding of high-level goals, key initiatives, budgets, and risk management best practices that we’re confident will serve the LGBTQIAP community in the greater Philadelphia area.

About DVLF

DVLF fosters philanthropy and helps meet the emerging needs of the Greater Philadelphia region’s LGBTQ+ community through its endowment and other activities including Our Night Out. Over the course of its history, it has provided about $1 million in support for organizations working in areas such as: health and social services, arts and culture, education and humanities, and legal and civil rights.


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