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DVLF Engagements: Monastero Returns, Hatcher Continues

As the world continues through the pandemic, our board of directors has been hard at work discussing and building a realistic strategy to not just rebound from our organizational challenges resulting from COVID, but to emerge with an even stronger resolve to support our LGBTQ+ community - many challenges which have been amplified by the global crisis.

Our board of directors has crafted a plan to support our fundraising structure so that it aligns with the organization’s goal to fund every grant application that comes before us.

We are writing today to share this plan with our dedicated supporters.

In the interest of achieving our goals, the Delaware Valley Legacy Fund (DVLF) board has decided not to pursue the hiring of a full-time Executive Director, as had been our practice for some time. Instead, the board believes that our organization, and thus our community, can be better served by engaging with a professional fundraising consultant to manage and guide our donor engagement, and to help us craft a multi-year development strategy. To that end, DVLF has contracted with RPM Consulting, led by R. Perry Monastero, for an initial engagement of one year. Monastero is a longtime contributor to DVLF, as he is a former Executive Director. Monastero has over 25 years of entrepreneurial experience in organizational structure and expansion, marketplace intelligence, and philanthropic strategies. He launched RPM Consulting in September 2019 to leverage his in-depth expertise in fundraising, grantmaking, coalition building, marketplace analysis, nonprofit governance, and strategic planning.

Additionally, to ensure our day-to-day operations continue to function smoothly, DVLF will continue to engage JeVon Hatcher, an experienced operations leader in the nonprofit sector, who has dedicated himself to keeping the organization running smoothly, especially through the challenges encountered during the pandemic. Hatcher has over a decade of experience building capacity for nonprofit organizations, implementing strategic plans, managing people and programs, executing development initiatives, and leading operations.

These engagements represent a significant move to ensure that DVLF achieves our financial goals, which ultimately power our grantmaking mission. As Board President Fernando Gonzalez explains, "DVLF is excited to have Perry on board. His early impact on DVLF is still felt to this day and his depth of experience in fundraising and philanthropic services, along with his dedication and leadership within the LGBTQIA+ community, make him the ideal candidate to guide DVLF's strategic mission and planning. And we are excited to continue to work with JeVon, who has helped our organization run smoothly through the pandemic.”

More information about RPM Consulting is available via

DVLF is the leading funder of emerging needs in the Greater Philadelphia LGBTQ+ community. Every year we award grants to nonprofit organizations serving the LGBTQ+ community. Since our founding, we have given over $1M to advance LGBTQ+ community needs. Our vision is to fully fund every qualified proposal received from Greater Philadelphia LGBTQ+ serving organizations.


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