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Your time and energy can make a difference!

DVLF could not accomplish all that it does without its devoted volunteers. We rely on our volunteers to be ambassadors for our work in the community. 

There are many ways you can participate as a volunteer at DVLF by getting involved in one of our many committees:


Heroes and Toy 

Help us plan for our annual fundraising events by participating on our planning committee.


Our Night Out 

Assist in selecting the venues and executing our monthly Our Night Out events.


Planned Giving 

Responsible for cultivating new and maintaining relationships with donors interested in being a part of our Legacy Society


Resource Development 

Help DVLF explore new sources of revenue to support our critical mission.



Support the Board and Executive Director in planning and implementing marketing strategy, and communications



DVLF follows a community grantmaking model. All of our grants are selected by a panel of community members who represent diverse lived and professional experiences. Help us to meet our emerging community needs by allocating our grantmaking funds.

If you have special skills or expertise, we want to know! We can create a volunteer experience to suit your interests. If you are interested in donating, please visit our donate page.

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