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Prevention Meets Fashion

Sex Worker Prevention Project: Recognizing the need for direct resources and particularly employment, PMF’s Sex Worker Prevention Program created a paid internship program for Black trans and gender nonconforming people that meets participants immediate needs while creating pathways for future employment by bolstering the resumes and creating references for people who are often unable to access traditional employment.

Independence Business Alliance
IBA’s TransWork: an inclusive program designed to meet employment needs, entrepreneurship aspirations, and employers' hiring goals. A committee of trans-identified IBA members helps govern and guide program development with support from Independence Business Alliance staff. TransWork will fill a critical gap in addressing the economic disparity in the transgender community by connecting job seekers and entrepreneurs to a network of supportive, trans-competent employers and business partners.


Summit will provide a restful and joyful space to access healing for our community, especially our Black and brown, trans and queer siblings. Through this project, we are hoping to address the need for more accessible, sustainable, and relevant mental health resources for LGBTQ+ people in Philadelphia. This event brings various speakers, educators, healers, and activists together for important conversations on self-care and collective care.

Black Visioning Group

Sustainable Stipend Program: holistic, long-term, and sustainable networks of support while also building the skills necessary to divest-from and dismantle predatory institutions of power.

Ark of Safety

Advocacy Begins with Me: develop much needed skills in data collection, entry, and analysis. By providing housing first, resources to secure and maintain permanent spaces, and accurate data emphasizing the needs of Black Trans women, AoS can help address these compounding inequities. If left ignored, harassment will continue by housing authorities, the police, and cis dominated medical institutions. Through Advocacy Begins with Me, we can fulfill a need for data collection, while also addressing Black Trans women’s resource inequities.

Walnut Wellness

Scholarship Program: psychotherapy sessions for trans people of color living in poverty.

Uplift Center for Grieving Children

Free to Be Me With You: LGBTQ+-specific grief groups will help youth aged 11 to 13 to be supported and validated in their grief while accompanied by a trusted adult already in their lives, and gain additional benefits from the safety, comfort, and acceptance offered by LGBTQ+ peers and group facilitators. These groups will be facilitated virtually, allowing youth to participate from the comfort and privacy of a space of their choosing, and accommodating trusted-adult participation from the same household, a different city, or even a different state.

Hearts on a Wire

Outreach To Incarcerated Community Members:The Outside Collective builds community by maintaining contact with Inside Collective members through letters, visits, and the publication of the quarterly newsletter that contains writing and artwork by Inside members. Since people who are incarcerated are not allowed to directly communicate with other people who are incarcerated, our newsletter acts as a bridge between people trying to support each other (re-entry resources, information on legal services, recent litigation, and suggestions on how to navigate difficult situations in facilities), offer advice, organize, create art and share stories across walls.


Life Skills and Job Readiness: This program provides a process that helps individuals grow and build confidence and strength in-self, that empowers and leads to stability.

Black + Latinx Community Control

Michael Hinson Legacy Symposium 2022: a second symposium this year to honor our co-founder Michael Hinson that leaves a legacy of LBGTQ and HIV advocacy for Black and Latinx community.


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2020's Recipients

The Attic Youth Center




Uplift Center for Grieving Children






Prevention Meets Fashion Inc.


The Welcome Project PA


William Way LGBT Community Center


Philly Black Pride

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