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Learn more about our recent grant recipients


Dollhouse Project (NEW)

The Take to Streets initiative, is an ongoing outreach program geared towards TGNC people of color. This initiative provides the necessities for those who are actively engaged in sexual work and those who have highlighted opportunities to acquire HIV. These kits, particularly, our Fem Queen(Transwoman) kits, gives sex workers tools to keep the sexual health as well as their hygiene intacked. They’re comprised of condoms, lubricant, personal bars of soap, small personal perfumes, hand sanitizer, oral health products, and our contact information to be linked to medical and other resources. We believe in meeting the community where they are and building trust that will allow them to lean on us for a hand up when they are ready prioritizing their needs.

PA Trans Equity (NEW)

Eastern PA Trans Equity Project (EPTEP) is a transgender-led nonprofit organization with a mission of empowering and supporting transgender Pennsylvanians while building community and promoting social justice.

Prevention Meets Fashion

Prevention Meets Fashion (PMF) Paid Internship Program is focused on understanding and addressing the social determinants of health (e.g., stable housing, healthcare access, education access, employment access, discrimination, poverty, etc.) that impact historically underserved and excluded.

Philadelphia Voices of Pride (NEW)

Philadelphia Voices of Pride (PVOP) is a selfaffirming Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer (LGBTQ) and Ally vocal ensemble devoted to enhancing the musical, educational, and cultural life of the Philadelphia area. We consider ourselves ambassadors, promoting a positive image of the LGBT community by donating our time, talents, and financial resources to benefit LGBT, HIV, and Women’s organizations.

Education Law Center (NEW)

ELC started an Inclusive Schools and Honest Education initiative, with the goal of protecting public schools as places where students and teachers have the freedom to think, question, and engage in honest conversations about the world around them, and where students of all gender identities and sexual orientations can thrive.

Hearts on a Wire

Hearts on a Wire is 100% volunteer run. The funding would be used to continue to support the production of the Hearts on a Wire quarterly newsletter. The Outside Collective builds community by maintaining contact with Inside Collective members through letters, visits, and the publication of the quarterly newsletter that contains writing and artwork by Inside members. The Outside receives and responds to letters from Inside members at weekly meetings which include requests for re-entry resources, information on legal services, recent litigation, and suggestions on how to navigate difficult situations in facilities.

Attic Youth Center

The Attic Youth Center is requesting funds to address increased hunger in the population of LGBTQ youth we serve. These funds will support purchase of fresh groceries, prepared foods, and transportation to ensure that youth can travel to The Attic for meals and food safely.

Uplift Center for Grieving Children

Uplift’s Free to Be Me with You (F2BMe) LGBTQIA+-specific grief groups help youth aged 11 to 13 to be supported and validated in their grief while accompanied by a trusted adult already in their lives, and gain additional benefits from the safety, comfort,

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