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Valley Youth House

Program: Pride - Transitional Housing for Homeless LGBTQ Youth

For 2018-2019, DVLF granted $5,000.

A transitional housing program that supports homeless LGBTQ youth as they transition to stable independent housing. The program helps youth overcome barriers to stable housing with: 

- Security deposits

- Direct rent payment assistance 

- Food security

- Interview and job training assistance

- Substance use treatment

- Intimate partner violence/Anger management and coping skills

- Health/Mental Health and wellness 

The program also seeks to establish collaborations with other local organizations to ensure that all youth needs are met. 

GALAEI - A Queer Latin@ Social Justice Organization

Program: Project YEAH (Youth Education & Arts Advocacy on HIV)

For 2018-2019, DVLF granted $5,000.

An intervention that utilizes education and arts advocacy workshops to education Latinx and Black queer youth about HIV/AIDS that empowers self-efficacy when addressing HIV and combating HIV stigma in Latinx communities. 

William Way LGBT Community Center

Program: Food Security Enhancement for LGBTQ Seniors

For 2018-2019, DVLF granted $5,000.

Provides LGBTQ elders greater access to healthy foods, cooking demonstrations and opportunities for social interactions to enhance their experience in this program and build community. 

Philadelphia Futures

Program: College Access Program's Queer Straight Alliance Club

For 2018-2019, DVLF granted $5,000.

College Access Program's Queer Straight Alliance Club creating a safe space for LGBTQ and Ally students that is not dependent on an individual school or faculty support. The program is student designed and led to ensure that it fulfills the needs and desires of the students in the program. Two staff members work with the students to ensure that this initiative is equitably supported. 

Philadelphia Gay Men's Chorus

Program: Youth Outreach Program

For 2018-2019, DVLF granted $5,000.

Uses music and choral performances to engage LGBTQ youth to teach lessons of acceptance, equality, and self-confidence. During outreach performances, students have the opportunity to engage with choir members to share their lived experiences to create a positive and educational environment and a culture of acceptance. 


Program: Creating Safe and Inclusive Event Spaces for the LGBTQ Community

For 2018-2019, DVLF granted $2,500.

Strives and successfully creates new spaces for all LGBTQ+ people with an emphasis on ensuring that everyone feels safe, comfortable and visible. Spaces emphasize accessibility for people with different abilities, on having measures to ensure the safety and comfortability of people of color, people who are recovering from substance use, and for people who are economically disadvantaged. 

Till Arts Project

Program: Emergence Program

For 2018-2019, DVLF granted $2,500.

Offers emerging transgender/nonbinary artists of color a month-long solo exhibition, a stipend for transportation and materials, and curatorial support. One of the program's purposes is to intentionally increase the exposure and beauty of each artist's body of work to increase the recognition of their talent and increase their economic gains for their work. 

Albert Einstein Healthcare Network

Program: Einsteins Pride Program

For 2018-2019, DVLF granted $2,500.

Provides holistic and comprehensive care to economically disadvantaged LGBTQ individuals that includes mental health, wellness and Trans inclusive services that includes significant post-care. The programmatic staff undergo continuous training to ensure that they maintain a culture of sensitivity, learning and equity for all the people receiving services from them. 

Siloam Welless

Outreach Program for Senior Community

For 2018-2019, DVLF granted $2,500.

The program seeks to engage older adults whose lives are impacted by HIV/AIDS to extend their reach of providing integrative mind, body and soul services that empower the lives of their clients. 

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